Saturday, January 2, 2010

Networking Lab Series: LAB 1 PART 1

Many of my friends have asked me to mentor them or do customized training for them, well, even when I want, I can't have the time on regular basis. So, I have decided to post some exercises here so they can go step by step. (I should warn that this is not for beginners).


Having that clear, this is the topology:


  • Even when the naming convention being used is more targeted to MPLS the configuration is a non-MPLS configuration which eventually will be transformed into an MPLS topology. FOR NOW, you may use the following definitions to understand their role. (AGAIN: These are not necessary the actual definitions for the devices):
    • CE: This is the Customer Edge device, meaning, the customer router.
    • PE: This is the Provider Edge device, meaning, the provider equipment that will be giving access to the services to the customers. For example, if your company ask for a T1 to the Internet, the providers device giving the service to your router will be the PE. This also represent the last extension of your carrier infrastructure between your infrastructure and your service provider infrastructure.
    • P: This represent the provider transport infrastructure. The infrastructure that does carries traffic from one side to the other inside your provider.
    • ASBR: This represent your provider connection to the Tier 1 or the transport carriers (Autonomous System Border Router). In a real service provider this will actually represent several redundant routers connecting to the international carriers. This also represent the last extension of the provider between the customers and the international carriers.
  • The routing protocols being used between the CEs and the PEs are not the ones that you will see between a customer and a service provider. The selection of these for the lab are intended to expose the student to multiple routing protocols and caveats that may arise from these.
  • XX represent the number resulting from appending the two router numbers involved in the connection, with the lower number first. For example, a connection between R1 and R2 will have a XX=12, and a connection between R6 and R8 will have a XX=68. 
  • Y represent the number of the router involved in the connection. For example, all the connections in R8 will have a Y=8. A connection between R3 and R4 will have an IP address of in R3 and in R4. 
  • The topology represent two carriers or service providers, each defined by its own Autonomous System Number (AS234 and AS567) 
  • AS234 uses OSPF Area 0 for its internal IGP with process id 1 
  • AS567 uses IS-IS Area 2 for its internal IGP in Level2 
  • The point-to-point links of AS234 are using 150.1.xx.y/24 for their addressing 
  • The point-to-point links of AS567 are using 150.2.xx.y/24 for their addressing 
  • Loopback addresses for routers inside the carriers will have the IP Address 150.y.y.y/32 
  • Loopback addresses for CE router will have the IP Address y.y.y.y/32 
  • CE1 uses RIPv2 as its IGP 
  • CE2 uses EIGRP with AS200 as its IGP
Task 0: Setup Topology and IGP
  • Configure your physical and logical topology to match diagram. (GNS3 or dynamips are good tools for this lab)
  • PE1 loopback should be able to ping ASBR1 loopback
  • PE2 loopback should be able to ping ASBR2 loopback

Task 1: Routing CE to PE
  • Configure routing between CE1 and PE1 using RIPv2 as its IGP
  • Configure distribution such that CE1 and ASBR1 will be able to ping each other loopback interface
  • Configure routing between CE2 and PE2 using EIGRP AS200
  • Configure distribution such that CE2 and ASBR2 will be able to ping each other loopcak interface

Task 2: BGP Peering

  • Configure BGP between ASBR1 and ASBR2
  • Configure redistribution such that all Loopback routes learned by each ASBR are redistributed in its local IGP
    • Make sure that only Loopback routes are exchanged between the two carreirs
  • You should have reachability from CE1 loopback to CE2 loopback
Before continuing with the next part make sure you have everything working until this point.


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